Signet-MS Gifted Education


Middle School SIGNET Welcome Letter

Dear SIGNET Students and Parents,

I hope everyone enjoyed their summer and are ready to part of history being created as we take this virtual journey for 1st quarter together. My name is Ms. Weiss, and I am the SIGNET Middle School Resource Teacher this year. I have been teaching SIGNET at Pennington for 17 years and previously taught at Brentsville High School and Tyler Elementary. To learn a little more about my summer, watch this Flipgrid that I created:

We will start the year together next Tuesday. What you need for SIGNET is simple: a folder, a pen, some paper and most importantly an inquisitive mind. The SIGNET program objectives are the following:

  1. To develop 21st Century Skills of critical thinking, creative thinking, conceptual thinking, communication and collaboration.
  2. To allow for self-directed learning where students set goals, accept challenges, persist in their effort, work efficiently, and reflect on their progress or final product.
  3. To provide an environment conducive to interpersonal affective goals which has students showing respect for self and others. This environment will be intellectually a risk-free setting for group and individual work and foster curiosity for a lifelong learner.

This year we will be learning about the civilizations and the cultural universals that can be found in most as well as working on independent centers. To promote risk taking and have students take intellectual risks, SIGNET students do not receive grades, but they are evaluated with a progress report.

At present, SIGNET has been scheduled for twice a week for 1st semester.
8th Grade: Every Tuesday/Thursday for either 3rd or 7th block.
7th Grade: Every Wednesday/Friday for 4th Block
6th Grade: Every Wednesday/Friday for 6th Block

I can be reached by email at
[email protected] I will be having office hours from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon on Mondays.

Even though, we are all entering unprecedented educational waters, I know that each of you will navigate them well and grow from this unusual education.

See Everyone either Tuesday or Wednesday,

Ms. Weiss

Pennington SIGNET Resource Teacher