School Counseling

Pennington Traditional School's Counseling Department


Mission: The mission of Phillip Michael Pennington School's counseling program will provide a comprehensive program to support all students in their endeavor to become lifelong learners. The counselor will promote the Academic, Career and Personal/Social development of all its students. The counseling staff will work closely with students, staff, parents and members of the community to provide every opportunity to maximize student success in each of these areas and to provide a safe, healthy and nurturing environment

Vision: Phillip Michael Pennington Traditional School Counseling program intends to facilitate an atmosphere and culture that will enable all students to excel academically and to reach their potential, which will prepare them to be a lifelong learner and productive citizens.


The Professional School counselors at Philip Michael Pennington Traditional School believe:

· All students are valued members of the school community.

· All students are unique individuals with unique needs. Differences in background, ethnicity, academic ability and personal experiences must be respected.

· All students have the right to participate in school counseling services, which meet their ethnic, religious, cultural, racial, developmental and educational needs.

· All students have the right to a positive, safe, secure and comfortable learning environment.

· School counseling program will be aligned with the American School Counselors Association national standards; including ethics, confidentiality and data driven program development.

· A Comprehensive School Counseling Program is developed that supports the Academic, Career, and Social Emotional Development of all students. To include: Direct student services and indirect student services.

School Counseling Staff:

Ms. Cindy Hancock: School Counseling Director 
[email protected] 

Mrs. Candra Blackman: Middle School Counselor (6th-8th Grade)
[email protected] 

Ms. Tiara Neal: Elementary School Counselor (1st-5th Grade)
[email protected]