Q: What is a "School of Choice"?

A: A school of choice is a place where students attend by choice, rather than by geographic assignment. Because you choose to come to Pennington, we can agree as educators and parents to shape our programs in the best interests of the students. This is different from general public education, where the programs must consider the entire public population of the school system.

Q: What grade levels are at Pennington?

A: Pennington is a traditional school for students from first through eighth grade.

Q: Who can go to Pennington?

A: Any student living within Pennington's attendance boundary within Prince William County is eligible to attend Pennington School.

Q: How are students identified to attend Pennington?

A: There is no identification program for attendance at Pennington. The choice to pursue Pennington as a school for their children is entirely up to the parents. Parents must complete an application packet for each student.

Q: Is Pennington a disciplinary school?

A: Pennington is not a program designed for students with disciplinary difficulties. We do have a high standard of conduct that all students are expected to follow. The behavioral code is clearly defined, as are penalties for violations.

Q: Is Pennington an alternative school?

A: No.

Q: Is Pennington a school for underachievers?

A: Pennington is not aimed at underachieving students in particular. We believe that every student can succeed, given the support and attention of their parents and teachers.