Reporting Student Absences

Parents should enter all full day absences in ParentVue on the day of the absence (or up to 30 days in advance of the day of absence).

You may receive a parental notification (email, text, phone call) from the county regarding any absence.  If you have submitted the absence in ParentVue, it will be updated, and you should disregard the previous notices for this absence.  

📌For full day absences:

Click on the Report Absence blue button and complete the item. Today's date will show, leave the "PreArranged" drop down option alone; enter the reason for the absence in the Note section, and upload any additional relevant information (doctor's note, prognosis, restriction, excuse ... others), and click submit.  

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📌Pre-Arranged Absences (for any reason):

Pre-Arranged absences should be submitted up to 30 days in advance of the start of the absence. Please be sure to include the full date range of the absence and the reason for the absence in the Note section.  You may select a date range for your absence up to only 30 days in advance. Submit the pre-arranged absences according to this information.

📌Full day previous absence:

Send an email to Mrs. Tran for middle school level at [email protected] or

Mrs. Carrington for elementary level at [email protected].

📌For partial day absences:

Partial (tardy arrivals/early dismissals) day attendance will be updated based on the information provided when the student is signed in/out at the front office counter.