Hello to our Blue Jay Families! And to those interested in becoming part of our Blue Jay Family! We are so glad you are here, using the available resources and information!

It is so wonderful to be able to begin in-person events and volunteer time again! We have had our first concert (excellent work, 8th Grade Blue Jay Orchestra!) and are planning many more performing arts' events! We have also had in many guest readers to our elementary classrooms and field trips are once again underway! Thank you to everyone for your patience over the last two years.

We continue to be focused on how we can Be Like MIKE! In addition to our usual expectations of strong work habits and conduct, we will be adding both technology and digital citizenship expectations. These will continue to be addressed in each classroom, through lessons with our counselors and Instructional Technology Coach. One area we suggest families focus on at home is the use of social media. Please be sure you are watchful of your child's actions and statements online, encouraging them to Be Like MIKE even when no adults are present.

Be... Mindful, Inquisitive, Kind, Engaged

As we go through this year, please be engaged - ask questions, share insight, and participate whenever possible! The only way we all learn is when we communicate and collaborate with each other.

Please don't forget to check out our Twitter accounts to stay connected with our staff and each other!

Our Administrative Team

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Amanda Johnson - Principal
@PTSPrincipal - Twitter

David Anderson - Assistant Principal
@PenningtonAPMrA - Twitter

Cindy Hancock - Director of School Counseling

Letters from Mrs. Johnson - SY2021-22:
June - Announcement of Orientation and SummerFest
Coach McNeill
Mr. Lena

Additional Documents:

Agenda Handbook SY2021-22
Behavior Flowchart
Behavior Expectations Matrix
Code Orange Office Hours
Community Service Hours Log
Uniform Directives
Volunteer Guidelines - Acknowledgement of Receipt
Volunteer Guidelines - Pennington
Volunteer Guidelines - PWCS