School Counseling Resources Grades 1-4

May 18-22, 2020-Conflict Management

Grades 1-2
Sesame Street-Helping Kids Solve Conflicts

Sesame Street-Solving Conflicts

Grades 1-4
5 Finger Rule for Kids

Grades 3-4
Kid President-How to Disagree

Grade 4
Non-Verbal Messages Worksheet

Grades 3-4
Choice Spinner

COVID Resources for 1st - 4th grade

So You've Got Questions About Coronavirus?
COVID-19 Handout.pdf

Coping Skills Coloring Sheets
Choose your favorite coping strategies and color a beautiful picture to decorate your space!
Coping Skills Coloring Sheets.pdf

"B is for Breathe" by Dr. Melissa Boyd
Get cozy and listen to this calming story being read aloud by Dr. Boyd.

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