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  Mission Statement
Provide all students with the skills and knowledge to live healthy lifestyles.
Vision Statement
Develop Active, Healthy, Achieving Students


Have a great Summer and stay physically active!  Eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and enjoy the summer with your friends and family!  I will see you all soon and am looking forward to hearing all your stories and adventures.
-Coach Hoover

Week of 5/22-5/29

 Movement May - activities for each day in the month of May!

Bonus Volleyball Activity

Week of 5/11-5/18
*2nd Grade - Water Safety Worksheet

1) Complete worksheet on Staying Safe while at the Pool or any Body of Water!
2) Write a few water safety rules first then draw/illustrate one of your choosing!

Water Safety Worksheet

Basic Water Safety Rules
Always have an adult watch you!
Don’t go in water over your chest if you can’t swim!
Always walk around the pool — don’t run!
Listen to the lifeguards and obey pool rules!
Never play rough games in the water!
Always jump feet first and far away from the side when you jump in! 
Never push someone into a pool or jump on someone!
Only dive in a diving area!

Week of 5/11-5/17
*2nd Grade - Healthy Heart Worksheets

1) Complete two worksheets on keeping your hearts healthy!

Activities for Healthy Heart Worksheet
How to Keep Your Heart Healthy Worksheet

Week of 5/4-5/10
*2nd Grade - PE Class Warmups in Your Living Room or outside if the weather permits.  Challenge a sibling or family member to do it with you; Talk them through each exercise if they need help.  Remember try to limit the down time in between exercises and try your best!

15 Jumping Jacks
10 Ski Jumps
Balance on Right for 10 Seconds
Balance on Left Foot for 10 Seconds
15 Push Ups 
15 Sit Ups 
Stretch to the Right Foot 10 Seconds
Stretch to the Left Foot 10 Seconds
Stretch Down the Middle for 10 Seconds
Butterfly Groin Stretch for 10 Seconds
Cardio 10-15 Minutes (Jump Rope, Run, Bike, Play Sports)

 Week of 4/27-5/3
*2nd Grade - My Plate 5 Food Groups Drawing Activity 

1) Review USDA My Plate.
2) Draw your own Dinner.
Hint - Use all the 5 Food Groups with proper portion sizes.


USDA My Plate (For Reference)
My Plate 5 Food Groups Drawing Activity

Week of 4/13 - 4/17
*2nd Grade - Physical Activity Choice Board

Directions -
1) Choose activity from choice board to complete.
2) Cross off activity once you've completed it.


1st and 2nd PE Choice Board

Coach Hoover is in his 3rd year as a HPE Teacher in PWCS.  Hoover runs the Pennington Lacrosse Club in the Fall with Mr. Chancellor (5th Grade).  Coach Hoover also serves as the Boy's Lacrosse Head Coach at Forest Park High School.