Gifted Education in PWCS

1. Gifted at a Glance.pdf   
   Please review this information about the program in PWCS.  
    If you have any questions after review, please contact me. 

2. Video Explaining the PWCS Gifted Identification process:

3.  Mrs. Pfeiffer  [email protected]    703.530.4959
Zoom with Mrs. Pfeiffer Here: 
  Meeting ID: 896 541 5906
   Passcode:  823253

4. Referral Form [goldenrod].docx

      To refer a student to be tested and considered for the program, please print and fill out the form. 
 Return the form to Pennington
Traditional School-
To Mrs. Pfeiffer 
5.  Spring Screening Power point. 2022 Grade Spring Screening - Parents (1).pdf
   Video of Session with Parents: video of zoom with parents (Passcode: H8%21eYn)