Welcome to our 2019-2020 PreAlgebra class page! I am looking forward to a great school year!   If you have any questions, please email me:  vembuc@pwcs.edu. 

Week of March 23, 2020
I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.  During this week, please be in the lookout for email(s) from Ms.McCulla and from me about the specific content- related instructions and optional assignments you could do during this unexpected school closure.
I will be continuing to use this web page to provide instructional materials and other essential information. 

Week of March 6th:

As part of Unit -6, Linear Functions and Graphing, students have learned to find out the slope when a graph is given. The corresponding IXL to practice is 8-Y.1.

Week of March 2nd:

We've learned to identify the relations and functions when given in the form of tables, graphs, mapping diagrams or ordered pairs. The IXLs assigned for this topic are 8-Z.1, 8-Z.22. Due - 03/08.

Week of Feb 24th:

Students have learned to solve, graph the InEqualities when given in the form of equations, models or word problems. Students have taken a summative test. The IXLs assigned are 8-X.1, 8-X.6 through 8-X.9.  Reach 70%. Due 3/3

Week of Feb 18th:
We have learned to interpret word problems, set up equations and solve for the unknown variable. The Review Study guide including the key for this unit is placed under Unit 6 - Files and Documents. The summative test is on 2/20.

Week of Feb 3rd.

We have mastered our learning on solving multi-step linear equations involving whole numbers and fractions. Coming up, we'll learn to apply the multi-step linear equations to word problems. The IXLs to practice are 8-W.1, 8-W.3 and 8-W.8 THROUGH 8-W.14. Due 02/16. 

Week of Jan 28th:

Students are learning to solve multi-step equations which has the variable on both sides of the equation. No new IXLs assigned. Students must complete  
8-V.13, 8-V.15, 8-V.16 by 1/30.

Week of January 20th:

We have learned to use Combine Like Terms to simplify Algebraic Expressions.
The IXLs to be practiced are : 8-V.13, 8-V.15, 8-V.16.

Week of January 13th 2020.

We have completed Unit 5 - Composite Figures and 3-D shapes. Coming up, students will learn about solving Multistep Equations and InEqualities.

Week of January 06, 2020.
Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a relaxing, restful winter break!
We have completed Part A of Unit 5 - Area and perimeter of Composite Figures. Students will take a unit test on 1/10.

Week of December 6th:

Unit 5- Students are learning to calculate the Perimeter and Area of composite Figures. The IXLs to practice are 8-T.1 through 8-T.7(Optional). Students have been assigned to do homework from Student Workbook- Page 74 and Page 78.

Week of November 18th:- MEASUREMENT AND GEOMETRY

As part of Unit 4, we are learning to perform transformations for a give pre-image, and also write down the algebraic transformations rule.The IXLs to be practiced are 8-P.6 THROUGH 8-P.11 and 8-Q.2 and 8-Q.3(Optional).

Week of November 4th:

As concluding part of Unit 3, students have learned to solve word problems by applying Pythagorean Theorem.IXLs to be practiced are 8-R1, 8-R.2, 8-R.3, 8-R.4, 8-R.5 . Reach 70% 
Unit 3 Test on 11/13. The Unit Test Review and Key have been placed under "Files and Documents." Make sure to practice and get ready for the test.

Week of October 28th:
Verify and Apply Pythagorean Theorem: Students are learning to determine if the given sides form a Right Triangle by applying the Pythagorean Theorem:
a2 + b= c2.
IXLs to be practiced are :
8-R1, 8-R.2, 8-R.3, 8-R.4, 8-R.5 . Reach 70%

Week of October 21st:
Algebraic Applications:
We are steadily progressing with Unit 3 - Algebraic Applications. Students have learned to apply the "Order of Operations" to evaluate Algebraic Expressions.
Also, students are fascinated by the powerful tool - Desmos Scientific calculator, which takes the Order of Operations to whole new level. Make sure your child  uses the correct version of Desmos . Please find the link below.
The IXLs to be practiced are : 8-V.5, 8-V.6, 8V-7, 8-V.8, 8-V.9. Reach 70%.

Week of October 14th.
Consumer Math and its real life Applications.
a) Calculate Simple Interest for a given Principal amount, rate of interest and 
the number of years.
b) Reconcile a Bank Statement to find out the current balance.
c) Unit 2 Test on 10/21.

Week of August 26th, 2019
Welcome back from Summer break!  

Classroom routines and procedures sheet will be coming home with your child this week. Please review, sign and add it to the front page of your child's Math binder.

The first week went going over schedules, classroom procedures and expectations, and getting to know our students.  

I will be using the Hub to send weekly updates as well as posting resources/ Assignments on the TEAMS.

Week of September 3rd, 2019. 

  1. Students completed the Pretest.
  2. We started  Unit 1 – Real Numbers(8.2) Students learned to describe and illustrate the relationships among the subsets of real number system using graphic organizers.
  3. Students were given handouts for this topic, and is posted under "Files and Documents." 
  4. Weekly quizzes will be give every Friday, to check for students' growth and understanding. 
  5. IXL assigned: 8-A.9, 8-D.5 - Reach 70%(due 09/13)

Week of September 9th, 2019. 

  1. Students have learned to classify the set of real numbers and identify where it belongs to.
  2. Students will also learn to recognize the combination of rational and irrational numbers.
  3. Students were given handouts for this topic and is posted under "Files and Documents." 
  4. Quiz - Every Friday
  5. No new IXLs assigned!