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Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! I am looking forward to having a great school year!!  If you have any questions, please email me: [email protected]

Meet Your Teacher

Mrs. Vembu


  • This is my fourth year of teaching at the PWCS.  My goal is to get students interested and excited about Math and help them to pursue STEM related careers.  During my free time, I enjoy gardening, cooking ethnic food and listening to good  music. 
I will be teaching Math 7 and Math 7 Extended this year.

Math 7- Course overview

Seventh-grade math continues to emphasize the foundations of algebra. Students will continue to perform operations with rational numbers. Students will use ratios to solve problems involving proportional reasoning. Geometry will involve volume and surface area and will focus on the relationships among the properties of quadrilaterals. Probability will be investigated through comparing experimental results to theoretical expectations. You will solve linear equations and inequalities in one variable by applying the properties of real numbers. You will discern between proportional and non-proportional relationships and begin to develop a concept of slope as rate of change.

Math 7 Extended - Course overview:

Seventh-grade extended math continues to build on the concepts needed for success in high school level algebra, geometry, and statistics. . Students will build upon the algebraic concepts developed in earlier learning, which include simplifying and evaluating algebraic expressions, solving multistep equations and inequalities, and graphing linear functions. The grade eight standards included in seven extended are vital to providing a solid foundation in Algebra I for students in middle school mathematics.

Contact Information

School Telephone: 703.369.6644


Additional Contact Information: [email protected]