Medical Forms

PWCS has made changes to the Medication Regulation, Regulation 757-4. The new document was approved October 19th, 2011 and is posted on this page below under the Health Clinic Forms file . The new regulation allows School Health Services and SACC to use the same documents. Some highlighted changes include:

NEW MEDICATION AUTHORIZATION FORM. The parent/guardian now completes the first portion of the form AND the second portion of the form for over-the-counter medications to be given within the dosing guidelines listed on the box.  You may omit the Diagnosis & ICD-9 fields. Parent/guardian should sign in both the first & second portion of the form. 

A physician will fill out the second portion for prescription medications OR over-the-counter medications to be given differently than the recommended dose/duration listed on the packaging. A note written on physician stationery or a prescription pad may also serve as authorization.

NON-MEDICATED PRODUCTS Products including saline or contact lens solution, petroleum jelly, Clearasil, lip balm, hand lotion, insect repellant and sunscreen may be carried and appropriately used in school however no spray or aerosol products are permitted.

COUGH DROPS/THROAT LOZENGES Students in grades K-12 may now carry and appropriately use cough drops/throat lozenges provided they are in the original packaging. Students may not share under any circumstances.