CTE STEM Applications (Digital Technology Foundations) Competencies

STEM Application students are challenged to creatively use sensors and actuators to develop systems that interact with their environment.  They code and upload programs to microcontrollers that perform authentic tasks by developing algorithms based on computational thinking practices.  Basic IT fundamentals such as word processing, database, presentation and spreadsheet software use are reinforced while students learn about new and emerging input devices. 

CTE STEM Solutions (Computer Solutions) Competencies

STEM Solution students enter the world of computer science and business by learning to use a computer as a problem solving tool.  Students learn about programming through a combination of hardware design and software development.  Using microcontrollers with inputs and outputs, they develop code that brings a physical design to life.  Students practice touch keyboarding skills and complete a variety of projects incorporating word processing, database, presentation and spreadsheet software.   Basic Internet safety and computer maintenance issues are important components of this course.