4th and 5th Grade SIGNET 

    We are currently working on the Hands on Algebra.  This is simple beginning algebra for children. 
Our biggest lesson, was learning the "take away rule."  You can remove the same value from both sides of the equation to keep it balanced.   
  Try it!  

 3X+4= 2X+11

 2X+2= x+5

  If you want to create your own Hands on Algebra or Hands on Equations manipulative, use scraps of paper to create your Value numbers and blank ones for the value of x.  
I used a deck of playing cards. I turned the card over to represent the value of x, and used actual number cards to give the cube value. 

If you would like to try some harder problems, please look under SIGNET 4/5 for uploaded sheets at the left hand side of this page.   This is not a requirement, but you may have some fun with it.  You could also write your own problems.   

email me it you have-  Upload your work. I would love to see it.  Mrs. Pfeiffer pfeiffdm@pwcs.edu