Crazy Cat in the Hat

“Think left and think right 
and think low and think high.
 Oh, the thinks you can think up
  If only you try!”

                         - Dr. Seuss

Independent Center Time: 

All middle school students have been given the opportunity to explore an independent center of their choice. Walking into the SIGNET Lab on these days, the room is alive with energy as students explore tangrams, investigate the heart with stethoscopes, design an Oscar gown for Reese Witherspoon, write a cooking recipe for war or construct a stock porfolio for their clients to name just a few student explorations. You never know what to expect on center day. 
Thing 1 and Thing 2

6th Grades
Our students are currently exploring being gifted and investigating a great thinker that used their gifts for making a difference in the world. Then they are taking this new found knowledge and sharing it with the class.  Our second class has the students learning all about bridge building and making their own out of toothpicks.

7th Grades: 

Students are investigating the communication process to prepare themselves to design bridges out of toothpicks. Students will then take their team building knowledge to create a game from scratch. Before starting the game, 7th graders will learn about luck vs. strategy/skill, and how mathematically some games are rigged in one opponent's favor. 

8th Grade: 
To prepare students for high school SIGNET, students have been investigating the Socratic Seminar process as well as exploring the concept of creativity to develop greater risk taking skills and view multi perspectives. They will study civilizations and use their newfound knowledge of creativity to create their own civilization.